All-East Middle School Lunches

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The Middle School choir’s lunches for Saturday do not include a drink.  If students want a drink with their lunch teachers will need to make arrangements to either bring bottled water or have something picked up in Maryville.


Middle School Honor Choir Lunches

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The cost of lunches for the Middle School Honor Choirs on Saturday of All-East will be $5.00 per lunch.  You will be invoiced for each student that is a participant in either the SATB Choir or the SSA Choir.  In addition, I need to know if you need additional lunches for yourself or any adults who are chaperones for your students.  I must have this information, sent to, by Thursday, Nov. 1.  

All-East MS Honors Part-Learning mp3 Files

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The Members Only Page of the website has been updated with links to download the part-learning files for the All-East MS Honor repertoire.

MS Honors Roster

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The All-East Page of the website has been updated to include a link to the MS Honors Choir Roster.


All-East MS Honors Registration Opens today

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The All-East Page of the website has been updated with a link to the All-East MS Honors Registration Form.  The registration deadline is September 1.

Note:  This year, the audition registration form will automatically send you a receipt of your registration entry to the email address you indicate on the first page of the form.  Please save this email message–the message will contain a link titled “Edit Response” that you can use to make changes to your registration up to the registration deadline.

MS Choral Festival–correction

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Several of you have attempted to register for the MS Choral Festival and noticed that the Google form has last year’s dates (April 11 and 12) instead of this year’s dates (April 5 and 6) for your choices when indicating your preferred performance date.  I apologize for the confusion–the form has been corrected now with the correct dates.

Thanks for helping me out when you find mistakes on the website or on the form!