MS Choral Festival Schedule

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The MS Festival Page of the website has been updated to include the MS Festival Schedule.


MS Choral Festival–correction

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Several of you have attempted to register for the MS Choral Festival and noticed that the Google form has last year’s dates (April 11 and 12) instead of this year’s dates (April 5 and 6) for your choices when indicating your preferred performance date.  I apologize for the confusion–the form has been corrected now with the correct dates.

Thanks for helping me out when you find mistakes on the website or on the form!

Middle School Festival Registration is open!

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The registration form for the 2018 ETVA Middle School Choral Festival is now open and accepting responses through March 2.  Use this link to go directly to the form!

MS Honors Choir Proposal and vote

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Middle School Members,

In response to the request by the middle school teachers to have two All-East Middle School Honor choirs and to insure that the total membership of each choir does not exceed fire code limits, the following trial proposal is being submitted for a vote by the Middle School Area:

Beginning, on a one year trial basis, with All-East activities in 2018 there will be two All-East Middle Honor Choirs: SATB Choir and SSA Choir.   Each participating school will be permitted to register up to 6 sopranos, 4 altos, 2 tenors, and 2 basses. These 14 registrants are guaranteed assignment to one of the two honor choirs.  In addition, participating schools may register other students as part of a reserve pool that will be used, if necessary, to insure each honor choir has balanced voice parts.  The Middle School Honor Choirs registration will open during the 3rd week in August and close during the 1st week of September.  Once the registration closes the Middle School Honor Choir’s Chair will assign the guaranteed students to either the SATB or SSA choirs and draw from the reserve pool any students needed to balance the voice-part distribution in each choir.  The rosters for both choirs will be posted on the ETVA website during the 2nd week in September.

To vote for or against the proposal, access the Members-Only Page on the website and click the link titled “MS Honors Choir Proposal Vote.”  The deadline to vote on this proposal is March 1.

MS Festival registration change

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The Calendar Page and the MS Festival Page of the website have been updated with new opening and closing dates for MS Festival registration.  The MS Festival registration form will now be opened February 15 and will close March 2.

Question from Robin Lafever

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I need some help in order to make things happen for All East… some of you mentioned that you went to First Baptist Maryville (the church that we’re considering for rehearsal space in order to add a choir).  I need the names of those of you who attend FBC Maryville, please, and will need some help from you guys to help make this happen.

Please email me and let me know who you are–we have some questions! Thanks so much!

Robin Lafever

Suggestions for clinicians for All East 2018?

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From Kenton:

Merry Christmas.  Sorry for bothering you over the Christmas break, but we’re hoping to secure clinicians for ETVA All East 2018…or at least get the ball rolling.  If you have any names that you’d like the exec board to contact send your request to